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Christina Marie King LPC

 Therapeutic Coach

Christina is a licensed professional counselor specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy, leadership coaching, & consulting for businesses and individuals.


Christina's practice is focused on helping individuals and businesses shift their mindset from victim to creator. Christina places strong emphasis on the neurosciences helping individuals to understand how their brain and mind work in conjunction with interpersonal relationships. She anchors her practice in what she calls the 4Cs: Compassion, Curiosity, Connection, and Courage. Grounding her work in the theoretical practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Christina will help you gain more clarity and understanding of your maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, so that you can gain the tools to shift more readily, compassionately, and courageously!

Christina began her psychotherapy career in community mental health and in detention centers in Philadelphia PA, her home town. She has a strong clinical acumen and expansive experience in crisis, clinical mental health, trauma-informed care, and anxiety disorders. 

As Christina has expanded her knowledge and experience both professionally and personally, she has shifted her practice mindset and finds great enjoyment in helping individuals and businesses to cultivate a creator mentality through the 4Cs.



  • Strengthen your skills for conscious shift and growth!
  • Clinical support for achieving mastery over illness or life challenges
  • For businesses or individuals, learn skills for growth and success.

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