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Leadership is managing energy first in you and then in others.

Based in Basalt Colorado, Christina advances Secure Leadership for individuals and businesses across the United States. Her work is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Systems Theory, and Interpersonal Neurobiology. 

Christina is passionate about her knowledge and education of the brain and relationships. She promotes this throughout her work as a psychotherapist, executive coach, and speaker.

Christina is highly sought after for her ability to empower her clients with healthy boundaries, compassion, and accountability. She is noted for her energy, engagement, wisdom, and passion. 


I am a firm believer that you can not manage other people's energy until you have learned to manage your own.

It is not a practice or mindset I grew up with, nor was it taught in my early years of education and work. Today, however, it is a value that guides the person I wish to lean into each day and a value that leads the principles within my work. This belief represents to me what I call SECURE LEADERSHIP.


When we think of leadership many people often envision a CEO, a founder, or a manager. But within the walls of my practice, leadership is not a destination or a role; instead of a way of life. It is the act of willingly and actively taking ownership of your life, your work, your past, and your future. Leadership is a relationship that starts with you by creating pathways - internally and externally - so that you may reach your greatest potential and inspire the same in others. It is believing that we are all resourceful, creative, courageous humans deserving of love and joy.

Secure Leadership represents a human whose brain, body, and mind are integrated, who provides a connection and environment in which others feel safe, seen, felt, and valued, and who leads with integrity, trust, and curiosity.


Secure leadership is a term I began to use more frequently in the last few years, however, it evolved much earlier from my learnings in interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory. Feeling grateful to have gained this knowledge; it has directly impacted how I show up in my life and how I empower those within my work and life to show up in their lives as well. 


I look forward to working with you, your team, and your business to advance secure leadership in your world and to empower more compassionate, conscious, courageous humans on this planet! 





"Thank you so much for our leadership coaching at our event. Having an outside perspective to our job and company is so powerful. You had such accurate reads on our problems and gave us actionable steps to improve our situations. I had a mindset shift that has already been helping me both professionally and personally. I appreciate all that you do."

Kerry Pivovar I Development Director, Renaissance Financial

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